I had a birthday last week, and knowing that September 1 was to be the start of this buy-nothing year, I celebrated in grand fashion. Long weekends are a great time for online sales, so while I didn’t necessarily cheat, I did ensure that there would be some ease in my transition. It was a bit of a bender, but it’s out of my system now and I’m ready to begin.

CoffeeShopSo, September 1: I didn’t buy anything. It wasn’t hard. It was a holiday and most places were closed. We took a walk to the coffee shop and I waited outside with the dog while my husband bought a coffee.

We didn’t drive anywhere. Gas consumption is not specifically limited, but I would like to have at least one day per week when the car stays put.

If you want to check out my rules for this year, I’ve roughed them out. It’s a living document.


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