Join In

Forty-five percent of me thought that writing about this was a dumb idea, that is was self-indulgent and unoriginal, and that no one would want to read it. I decided I needed the accountability piece to give myself a fighting chance of succeeding, so I went for it. The comments and encouragement I’ve received from folks over the last couple of days have made me roughly 70% sure that this is not completely stupid.

First, I’d like to address some questions I’ve been asked.

Q: Can other people buy you things?

A: Are you offering? Here’s a list.

I’m not asking anyone to buy me anything. Notably exempt is my husband, because the car will need gas and we will need pellets for the stove and those things are allowed and he took a vow. Love, honour, and indulge my flights of fancy.

Q. Does travel count?

A: No. Crap that I buy when I travel counts.

Plane tickets and hotels are services and thus, are exempt. If I find myself away from home without an item I think I need (which I doubt), I have to make do.

Q: I make wine! Wanna trade?

A: Yes.

I am thinking about ways to facilitate trading/swapping items and services through this site. Stay tuned.

Q: This is great. Can I join in?

A: Absolutely!

I’m sure some of you have lots of stuff. If you decide to take on a similar challenge, then work out what your rules are and clue me in.



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