We Eat Meat

My rules state that I can’t buy convenience food. To me, that means I can’t bring anything home that I could have fairly easily made myself. This prohibits take-out, microwave dinners, baked goods, ice cream, and anything else I would be tempted to pick up while shopping hungry and short on time. Avoiding convenience food means having things on-hand that I can make quickly. One of my freezer staples is Big-batch Beef.


I bought a bunch of ground beef super-cheap right before a long weekend, and I cooked it all up with onion and garlic. I like to keep the cooking seasoning a bit benign so it can be spiced up whichever way I want, depending on the meal. I cooked four packages. Normally, I would freeze it in single layers on a cookie sheet and then transfer it to bags for storage (this is really the best way). I didn’t do that this time. I’m sure it was a mistake.

We also eat pasta, so much of this frozen beef will become sauce-filler. I’ve also used it in tacos and chili. The recipe says it will keep frozen for three months, but I will probably keep it longer. I play fast and loose with the useful life of food. My Compost Soup is the stuff of legend.


7 thoughts on “We Eat Meat

  1. Big batch beef is my fave. If you have any slip ups will you tell us? I’m sure there’s going to be flaws like with anything else. I think I might make a moderated version for Christophe and I. Being in school makes us both lazy, and we spend a fortune on coffee and energy drinks.


  2. Where does eating out fall into this? I know you mentioned not having take out, but a sit-down meal at a restaurant is a different beast. If those are outlawed as well, would that include event meals such as birthdays and nights that Peggy doesn’t want to cook?


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