Curbside Jackpot

Our city does a thing a couple times a year where people put their used, usable stuff by the curb with a “free” sign and other people can take it, if they’re so inclined. I’ve been known to spend several hours curb-shopping during these weekends and I’ve found some pretty great stuff.

Now, I’m not really in the market for any more stuff this year, free or otherwise. Still, if the perfect thing just happens to cross my field of vision… and it’s not even Curbside Giveaway Weekend… well, I take that as a sign.


The other night, while walking the dog on our street, I saw a kids’ art table with a “free” sign. I checked it out. It was in really good condition, so my sister and I carried it home.

We cleaned it up (it didn’t need much) and brought it inside.


It has four holes cut out along one side for holding supplies or paint pots, and I didn’t want to leave them empty. After trying a few different containers without success, my mom suggested I try our IKEA plastic drink tumblers and they fit perfectly.


There’s a dowel underneath that’s meant to hold a roll of paper. It is also the perfect size for some colouring rolls we had kicking around.


Brand new art station for zero dollars. What are your great curbside finds? Comment below.


3 thoughts on “Curbside Jackpot

  1. Last spring at the curbside giveaway I got a high chair and crib mattress for Christy and some drawers for me. I wss going to make some shelves with the drawers but I they were a little wet and went moldy.

    What I’d like to do is start looking for some old dressers or old entertainment units and convert them to some useful storage or even better get rid of stuff in my house.


  2. I have so much storage-type furniture already, and we are definitely starting to subscribe more to the “just get rid of it” philosophy. Toys are hard, though! I love looking at people’s curb finds. I used a MEC backpack just this morning that I got for free from the end of someone’s driveway.


  3. I once found a night stand on the side of the road – the paint was peeling and it had some cigarette burns in the top but it was real wood (score!) so I took it home, sanded it (for hours) and then painted it mustard yellow. It was my nightstand for a while, and now lives in my entryway as a place to put keys and other odds and ends. It’s one of my most successful “garbage finds”.


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