Week 1: That New Project Smell

I’ve decided to give a quick weekly rundown of my successes and failures, a smattering of expenditures, and a goal or two for the coming week.

1. I spent $37.86 this week on groceries. I’d like to keep my weekly grocery spend a little lower, given that most of our proteins and produce come from our CSA. We shouldn’t really need to supplement all that much, save for dairy, eggs, and pantry items.

2. I spent nothing on gas. My car stayed at home two days of the last seven and I’ve not had to fill it up. I will have to this week.

3. I successfully ate all meals from my kitchen, although I was the lucky recipient of a delicious black bean slider (made by friends) about an hour ago.

4. I’m trying to bake bread. My hot dog and hamburger buns are on their second rise at the moment. I think I left the first one too long. Bread-bakers, weigh in. Your expertise is kindly requested.

5. I have not been tempted! I know it’s still early and I have the new-project high, but there are so many school supplies out there and they are so, so cheap. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Thanks again for all your positive feedback. I’m glad so many people are into this idea and I still kind of can’t get over it.


6 thoughts on “Week 1: That New Project Smell

    • Update: I burned the bottoms. They were only in the oven for maybe ten minutes but clearly something was off. I scraped them and froze them anyway. My kid will eat them. This isn’t The Great British Bake-off.

      I will try that recipe next!


  1. You are my hero for spending under $40 on groceries this week! (I spent $150 and usually spend anywhere from $200-230 per WEEK).
    Are you using a breadmaker for the bread and buns? We use ours all the time for weekly pizza dough and rolls. The recipes we use are the ones that came with the machine and always turn out delicious.
    Also, way to go on the freebie art table! Keep up the awesome work 🙂


    • If I include our CSA in the grocery spend, it actually ends up closer to $70 per week. I’m going to give the CSA its own post pretty soon, because it’s a big part of our menu.

      I don’t have a bread maker. I used my stand mixer to make the dough and then baked in the oven, at what I now realize was a ridiculous temperature. You should write a guest post on everything you do with your bread maker! I know people who would be very interested to read it.


    • I used a whole wheat bread recipe from The Joy of Cooking, with you-know-which substitutions, and followed the instructions for dinner rolls. I really just think the oven was too hot. It called for 425F. Also my dough was really… doughy after the first rise. Made the rolls hard to form.


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