Box Lunch

I bought something. Technically, I bought it two weeks ago (when I was still allowed to buy things), but it arrived today. It’s a PlanetBox.

My son started full-day school last week, and I wanted him to have a lunch box that was durable. This thing was going to have to last him years. Many schools are requiring that kids pack waste-free lunches, and while I will wash and re-use a plastic bag until it loses all structural integrity, when it comes to something my kid is going to use roughly 1400 times, I’m keen on stronger stuff.

I had read a review on a few different lunch systems, and decided to give the PlanetBox a try. We got the Rover.


My son eats a lot of finger food, so the different compartments are going to alleviate the need for multiple containers with multiple lids. If I do want to send hummus or cold pasta for lunch, there are two covered dipping containers that fit neatly inside. The box itself is stainless steel, but it comes with an optional carrying bag which holds a water bottle, cutlery and a cloth napkin.

You can choose from one of several magnet packs to decorate the lid. Surprise! We picked dinosaurs.








We will swap these magnets out from time to time.

I have no issue paying more for something that is not only designed well, but made to last. Tomorrow is the test run. We’ll see if it’s 35 times better than Gladware.



4 thoughts on “Box Lunch

  1. From someone who has single handedly brought dozens of lunch boxes to the lost and found make sure to put your number and his name on it, students almost always leave them at school! Also which website did you get this from? I could use one for my last university year… I’ve made it this long without getting the pizza. Excellent read xo.


  2. Looks like you have a great lunch box for your son! Especially as he likes to eat different things, this one looks very good for packing lots of variety.

    And thanks for following my blog, I hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches. I love playing around with food in a box and as you say, it’s also more environmental friendly instead of (re)using plastic bags.


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