Week 2: It’s Not That Easy

1. The adoption of our rescue dog, Fred, was made final this week! Fred’s adoption fee was $300 which covers all the vetting, transport, and fostering that brought him to us. Money well spent.

2. I spent $32.70 this week on food for people and dogs. It felt like a high-spend week, but I think it was maybe because I went shopping multiple times. There were definitely some impulse purchases (BOGO cheese) and I really had no concept of what high-quality dog treats cost. I will be looking into some homemade options.

3. I filled up my car for $45.26, and it got used every day. Hoping to do better next week.

4. The second batch of my whole wheat rolls turned out better, although my son and husband had no problem eating the first batch. Like exercise, I think I will see the most progress in this beginning phase of baking. I am still taking note of all your recipes and tips. Filling the flour cup measure with a spoon was a game-changer.

5. I went to a friend’s baby shower today and she got a bunch of great stuff. They did a cool thing where instead of cards, the couple asked for a book with an inscription to help build the baby’s library. I am pro. I don’t do cards if I can avoid them and I find this both smart and conscientious. The baby has a trans-Atlantic flight coming up over Christmas this year, so I chose a book from our own library that my son had loved on his plane rides when he was smaller. Gifts are on the no-buy list, so I made the baby a hat.



2 thoughts on “Week 2: It’s Not That Easy

  1. Great work. I hear you on the no-cards thing. I’m generally “anti” store-bought card. They are expensive and just end up in the recycling bin (usually). It’s one thing if you are sending a card in the mail to someone as a way of staying in touch, but as the accompaniment to a present and/or an in-person celebration, they are totally not needed. My workplace has this annoying “tradition” of getting everyone a birthday card on their birthday. Not only is it wasteful, but what the heck are you supposed to write? “Have a nice birthday and see you in 10 minutes where I will wish you happy birthday again.”

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