Pack It Up, Pack It In

This has nothing to do with not buying anything, but I was on the news today!


(You can watch it before the stream disappears. I am at the 14-minute mark.)

I was interviewed for the CBC about packing for airline travel in a carry-on, since two out of our three national carriers now charge for a passenger’s first checked bag. People are ticked.

There are two distinct types of frequent travelers: those who check everything, and those who check nothing. Anthony Bourdain is the former. I am the latter. I will never, ever pay to check a bag if I can help it.


I have been packing in a carry-on for years, and am now (apparently) an Expert. I will have many more opportunities to talk about making do while I travel, but this is a good introduction to my packing philosophy.

When in doubt, leave it out.


4 thoughts on “Pack It Up, Pack It In

  1. congrats on media fame! I bet you are a good carry-on person. i ranted on your FB about my plane rage… don’t take it personally… you know the people I am talking about.

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