Making the Cut

I did it.

I canceled my first credit card since beginning this experiment.

This is not a huge accomplishment. I hadn’t used it yet. It’s a card I applied for because I thought I might use it to buy stuff and earn points which I could exchange for more stuff. Since I am not buying any more stuff, I no longer need the card.

Still, it felt good.



2 thoughts on “Making the Cut

  1. Well done!! It takes courage to cut up a card, even if not used.
    We are constantly bombarded with programs to give us free stuff. It is always dangled in our faces. ” Buy five get one free”. My hubby says that I’m not saving any money if I don’t need it or I don’t need “five” let alone the free one to make six.
    He is good at avoiding those traps. I’m working on it.


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