Week 3: “I sure hope you bought enough coconut.”

1. I spent a whopping $83.47 on human food this week, and $33.34 on dog food. Most of the human haul was from Costco, and I can’t stand going there, so I tried to get as much stuff as possible during this one Sunday morning trip. A lot of it was baking supplies (oats, honey, shredded coconut, dates), and raw almonds because I am going to try making my own almond milk. I hope that this will end up saving me time, money, and gas in the coming weeks. I also downgraded our Costco membership from the Executive to the Gold Star. Does anyone buy enough to make Executive membership worthwhile? Tell me your secrets.

2. I took a chunk of time this weekend to clean out the fridge and freezer. This was not on my list, but I discovered that my chest freezer had defrosted and I lost everything in it, so it became necessary. I don’t really want to talk about it. I’m still processing the loss. Plus it was gross. But it was good, in a way, because now I know exactly what I have.

3. I made this great carrot and lentil soup that was recommended by my friend Alison. I didn’t have enough red lentils for the recipe, so I made do with green lentils. I also added a rubbery parsnip from the depths of my crisper. I have eaten it twice so far, and it tastes much better than my regular Compost Soup.

That’s all for now. I’m about to get on a plane for work in a few minutes. Stay tuned for Monique Makes Do In Montreal!


6 thoughts on “Week 3: “I sure hope you bought enough coconut.”

  1. We’ve had our Executive membership for over two years, and our first two rebate cheques were right around $100 each. We shop Costco weekly, but it’s almost exclusively for things we eat within that week. Then there’s the occasional mega-shop which includes our nuts, oils, paper products, some meat, etc.


  2. Did you know that if you don’t make the $110 at renewal time, just let them know when you renew and they will refund the difference… So you’re actually better off with the EM and if you don’t break even, ask for a refund in the difference. I’d keep the EM. Double check what I said here at cash next time you’re in.


    • That’s what I did. It’s true, you can’t really lose. I got my refund and still got to use my cash-back cheque. I just know we won’t buy any more there this year than we did last year. Their customer service is pretty great and their return policy can’t be beat.


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