Week 4: Making Do in Montréal

I think I have been slacking with the posts. Maybe I was posting too frequently before, and once a week is the right amount. I don’t know these things.


1. I was in Montréal for a few days for work, so I got to enjoy eating at restaurants! I had steak. I spent a total of $20 on a 6-pack of beer (allowed), of which I only drank two. I did no shopping, and bought no convenience food or drinks. Although I travel light, I packed a water bottle and my travel mug so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy water or coffee. I even brought along a lemon and a lime from home to make Montréal tap water more palatable. I also brought fruit from home and some muffins.

wpid-wp-1412180317330.jpeg2. I flew Porter to and from YUL on this trip. First time on the airline. Checked bags cost money but the beer is free. I didn’t check a bag and I did drink the beer. As I was reading the in-flight magazine, I saw that the airline is supplying all their in-flight crew with Rimowa Salsa Air cabin bags. Being a Rimowa girl myself, I tried to convince the flight attendants that it is possible to pack for five days in that bag. I am hereby offering my services as a packing coach to all Porter Airlines in-flight crew. Get at me, Porter.

3. My spend for this week was pretty low, mostly because of the trip. I gassed up my car for $47.42 and I bought some groceries for $8.94. Plus the $20 beer.

4. My son was invited to his first birthday party of the school year this Saturday, and we also have a wedding to attend that day. The birthday boy allegedly likes Batman, so he’s getting a knitted bat-hood hat. I am doing makeup for the bride and some of the wedding party as a gift, and I have a little something I made for them to unwrap as well. I am pretty sure that makeup and knitting are my only giftable skills, and sometime soon, people are going to stop inviting me to things.


5. Last Saturday was serendipitously eventful and also free. My cousin told me about the grand opening of an athletic club near my house, and I met her there for sammies while we watched the demos. We each got a free class for showing up and checking in on Facebook. After we left, my son saw some bouncy castles on the way home and we stopped to check it out. A company that sells mini-homes was having an open house with a barbecue, so we hung out till dinnertime, bouncing and touring the pre-fab homes before chowing down again. We got home with enough daylight left to water-seal the deck, which is a job that had been haunting my dreams since late July. I had entertained the thought of staining parts of the decking a fun colour, but I had plenty of sealer to do the whole thing, so I made do.


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Making Do in Montréal

  1. Gawd, I really need to learn more from and you and your “buy nothing adventures” … the first thing I take from this post is… hum, i neeeeed new luggage, I want some Rimowa! Pinned it.


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