Week 5: How Big is Your Turkey?

1. One of the drawbacks of staying out of stores is not knowing when things are on sale. It was my turn to buy coffee for the office last week, so I ended up paying full price for a can of Maxwell House. I spent $21.31 on groceries this week, including the office coffee. Not bad.

2. Poor planning and absentmindedness led to a $3.39 bill for rush-cleaning one of my husband’s shirts. It was the wrong shirt. He ended up wearing another shirt.

wpid-wp-1412690502222.jpeg3. I had a GREAT time celebrating the marriage of one of my best and oldest friends to a man who, by all accounts, fully deserves her. I came to find out he is also a beer guy. Good thing I made them these beer coasters as a wedding gift. (The letters are also their monogram. See how clever I am?)


4. I have been to Target three times since the beginning of this exercise, each time so my son could spend his allowance or some birthday money. Last week, I saw this necklace for $14.99, which is remarkably similar to another necklace I had recently coveted. Even though I am permitted to buy neither necklace, I am very grateful that I didn’t end up buying the more expensive one.


5. We will be away for the holiday weekend, so cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner is not on the schedule, although we are set to receive a CSA turkey this week. My freezer has not worked since the recent disaster, and I’m trying to decide if we will have it repaired or make do without it. I think the size of the turkey will be an important factor. I’d love to hear about your plans! Are you doing any dedicated shopping for the big event, or are you making do with things you already have on hand?


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