Doggy Dues

I bought something. Two things, actually.

They are for the dog. They are not, technically, consumable.

Although, given time, he will likely destroy them.

wpid-wp-1412690194628.jpegFred is a chewer. We knew about his taste for Lego early on, but he has gotten at some other things recently and we are exploring possible causes for the change in behaviour. We’ve had him less than two months, so we can’t really call this behaviour “new” but we are trying to cover all bases. He previously showed little interest in his toys, but in case the issue is boredom, I decided to get him a few new things to try.

He loves this rope tug.

We also picked out a Kong for him, but I’m keeping that on deck for when he loses interest in the rope thing.

I paid a total of $16.08 for those two items. This is the only money I have spent on the dog so far, apart from food. We were worried Fred would get into something harmful, so there was an urgency to this purchase. With better planning, I think I can avoid spending on dog paraphernalia in the future.

I have traded for a great leash and collar set that’s on its way from Winnipeg (more to come on that), and the rescue through which we adopted Fred set us up with nearly everything else we’ve needed. Some friends gave us a crate they were no longer using that serves as Fred’s apartment, and my parents donated a comically large dog bed that Fred quite enjoys. He’s a man of simple tastes. Mostly Lego.



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