Week 6: Making Do in L.A.

1. One mostly free, fun thing I’ve been doing lately is taking part in a book club. We meet once a month to talk about books, eat food, and drink tea. They’re a good bunch. I get to host in December! (I am actually now part of two book clubs, but the second one hasn’t met yet. If you live near me and you’re into YA, you should check out the Forever Young Book Club, founded by my pal and great idea-haver, Meghan. You should also read her blog.)

2. Last week on the Facebook Page, a friend suggested an app that would help me avoid paying full price for office coffee in the future. Thanks to Gill and the Flipp app, I have discovered this week’s Cheapest Cheese in the Land. I’m on Android, so I got it free from the Google Play Store. Very handy.


3. We spent the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles, visiting with some great friends we’ve not seen in far too long. Since travel is not prohibited by my rules, the only thing I needed to be mindful of was buying extra stuff. Airfare, hotels, parking, and reasonable meals are all allowed. We had a lovely trip, and this was the first time I think I have ever declared “zero” on my customs form.


4. We ate at Souplantation (Sweet Tomatoes in some states) one night, which is essentially a giant salad bar that also has soup and hot dishes, all buffet-style. We love it for family trips. The prices are great, everyone can eat what they like, and it’s reasonably healthy. My mother was with us, and she treated us all to lunch at my favourite restaurant in the world, El Cholo. I have been eating there for over ten years and it’s always the same. It’s also Green Corn Tamale Season, aka The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

5. I spent $94.64 on gas and food on the trip, which are the items I track at home. I did not need gas or groceries for the week leading up to the trip. A higher-spend week to be sure, given the travel costs, but one I budgeted for and that was most definitely worth it.



One thought on “Week 6: Making Do in L.A.

  1. Thanks for the shout out… I hope you are able to score a free copy on Fangirl. So far it’s pretty good. And, next time you go to California, can you please squeeze me into your carryon.

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