Love It


I’ve been wanting a new collar and leash for Fred. Something lightweight that was easy for my son to use, plus washable. Luckily, I have a cousin who makes some great dog gear and I approached her about a trade.


I made her this hooded cowl because it is apparently very cold in Winnipeg. Here’s my sister wearing it before I put it in the mail.


 Now, take a look at this swanky set I got from Lovett N Leash It Dog Gear!


It’s made of fleece, so it’s unbelievably soft and light. It’s comfortable for the leash-er and leashed alike.


Fred approves. Much better for checking out the fall leaves.

wpid-wp-1413498621904.jpegI happily recommend Lovett N Leash It. Not only is all the gear handmade and high quality (it’s tested pretty exhaustively!), but the prices are very reasonable. In fact, it cost me more to ship the cowl to Winnipeg than it would have cost me to buy the leash and collar with actual money. (Nice, handmade stuff is still stuff, however, and shipping costs are not prohibited.) If you’re in the market for some dog gear, check out Lovett N Leash It on the web or on Facebook.


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