Some Things I Didn’t Buy

I took a walk to the Sears Outlet (the Bargain Basement for you locals) today. As I chewed over whether or not I should cancel my Sears card (I’m probably going to need a fridge sometime, right?), I decided to take a few pictures of stuff that, not so long ago, I would have bought without a second thought.

Exhibit 1: These Shoes


Espadrilles are in. These ones have a leather-like material on the inside of the upper, and I have a weird thing where I can’t have leather touch my bare skin, but the threat of a rash would not have kept me from buying these. Maybe I would have worn them. Maybe not. We’ll never know.

Exhibit 2: This Hat


Who doesn’t love a gal in a cloche? And that tortoiseshell detail? Shut up. Sure, it’s polyester and plastic, and I have a melon the size of all outdoors, but it would have done a marvelous job of hiding my mousy roots which have recently made their return. Would I have worn it? No. Alas, I am not a hat girl. It would have taken its place alongside other aspirational items, like the black pencil skirt (not my silhouette) and every pair of heels I’ve ever bought.

Exhibit 3: This Rug, Though


This rug was 40% off today. It has been there for over a year and no one in her right mind will ever, ever pay that much for a rug at the Bargain Basement. Not even at 40% off. I want this rug because it looks like giant knitting. It is huge and impractical and would be nearly impossible to keep clean. It shows every speck of lint and Fred would eat it immediately. The reason I still have a Sears card is because were I to cut it up, that very day this rug would be marked down to $99, and my Sears card would save me the tax.


5 thoughts on “Some Things I Didn’t Buy

  1. I vote doing this on a regular basis, as a subset of your making do phenomena. People often Instagram: “nothing haunts us like the clothes we didn’t buy”. I would argue you’re proving that theory wrong. It would be a neat segment.

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    • I wouldn’t hold onto the card because of the rug. No matter if the rug was reduced to a rediculous price, you have valid reasons why it would be a poor buy.
      Also, the card is an intisement that costs more than it saves in the long run. There are always deals to trick us to believe we are saving when it may look it today but in a few weeks time , the story maybe different.
      You have such a grasp on this saving and not spending. I am learning so much from you. Get rid of the small plastic enticement.
      Sorry, I sound like I’m preaching. I’m not meaning to. I hold you in high regard and respect you and why you are doing!!

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