Week 7: Stocking Up

Admittedly, I’m getting a bit behind on the weekly posts. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of blog-worthy making do going on. Just the daily grind. Same old. Is this real life?

1. My kid and I were both sick for a lot of Curbside Giveaway weekend. Did anyone score any great free finds? Given that I actually don’t need any more stuff, there’s no fear of having missed out over here. In the past, if I’d been away that weekend, I would feel anxiety about all the potential free stuff that someone else got and I didn’t. You know that feeling? Well, it’s gone.

2. My son did, however, drag me out to Community Day at Cineplex Theatres to see Walking With Dinosaurs 3D for FREE. He used his allowance to buy concessions for $2 apiece, with all proceeds going to Free the Children. It was a nice outing, and he’s learning what his money is worth in different situations.

3. One week back from our LA trip, and I’m happy to report that ALL travel expenses and incidentals have been paid off. We have another quick trip coming up in a week’s time, so it’s nice not to have residual credit card charges hanging around, stinking up the place.

4. Should I cancel my Sears card? I should. I know I should. I don’t have any points left on it.

5. Since my fridge was pretty bare when we got back from our trip, I spent a LOT on groceries this week: $72.71 on people food and $101.18 (!!!) on dog food. I am counting on that bag of kibble lasting 2-3 months. A large portion of the people food was cheap meat: stew beef and a post-Thanksgiving turkey. I’m a big fan of “cook once, eat ad nauseum” recipes. Truly.


2 thoughts on “Week 7: Stocking Up

  1. I’m shocked at how little you spend on weekly groceries compared to what we spend at our house. Yes, I have two growing girls instead of one kid like you, however, they’re only at my house 50% of the time, so really, doesn’t that only equal one kid in total? Looking at making grocery cutbacks is definitely on my list, so if you have any useful suggestions, I’d love to hear them. 😉


  2. I’m super impressed with your grocery budget. I can easily spend $50-$70 a week on just me. Although I supposed that does include some non-grocery items like shampoo and toilet paper and such, but still.


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