Toilette Confessions


I spent a couple of hours this evening sorting all of my travel-sized toiletries.

I will not need to buy anything for at least a year. Probably two. I stopped buying shampoo almost a year ago, and I’ve only now nearly reached the end of my full-sized bottles.

Using up hotel bath products is something I’ve avoided for a lot of years. Having them around was a  reminder of the trips we’ve taken in the past. Olfactory nostalgia.

This is going to be a tough one for me. I am not looking forward to the day when I use the last of the Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser. Liquid gold, that stuff is.



2 thoughts on “Toilette Confessions

  1. I love your heart. I hang on to treasures. I have a flower shaped floating candle that came with a gift of tea a few years back. I still have the candle. I’ve thought about using it different times but then I think it will be gone if I do.


    • It’s strange. Some things hold such strong feelings for me, and others I couldn’t care less about letting go. You know what I should do? Keep a journal. My son is doing it already, and Gramma wrote everything down for years. Those are the things that I will treasure when I’m older, and others may even treasure after I’m gone.


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