Weeks 9-11: This is getting tedious, isn’t it, guys?

I am woefully behind on the weekly posts of what I am (not) spending, and rather than comb back through all my receipts and online banking statements, I thought I might treat everyone to a catch-up of the last three weeks. Keeping track of what I’ve been spending is helpful for me, so I’ll jump back in next week.

Remember this hat I saw a few weeks back and didn’t buy?


Well, when I was in Toronto at the beginning of November, my sister-in-law dug the very same hat out of her bag of clothing donations (I will call them “donies” from now on) and passed it along to me, for FREE. She also gave me a red one which I like even better! I will get pictures of me wearing them sometime. Promise.

It’s been a bit of a spendy month, to be sure. I need to have my tires changed for the winter very soon, and since I bought a new car this summer, I thought I would have to replace all four tires. Happily, I’ve been told that my old tires will fit on my new car, and I can get the season out of them. I am buying winter rims, however. Still, a big savings to be sure.

We also had the dog groomed recently, which was about $60, and definitely worth it.


I’ve been spending a bit more than I’d like on groceries lately, and I’ve filled the car up a few times, although I am very happy with the gas mileage this car is getting compared to my last one. There was a mishap at The Children’s Place when I was buying my son underwear using a gift card (allowed) and the cashier told me the card hadn’t been used even though I was pretty sure it had. It cost me about $9 and that’s definitely against the rules. I wasn’t really thinking. That’s been my only slip.

I love Christmas ornaments, and I saw this one which I would have bought with zero consideration one year ago.


See, they’re sisters, and they love each other, and they’re wearing knitted hats. You might not know my sister and me but trust me, it’s perfect.

The photo editor I have been using for this blog is called Aviary and it’s free. You can buy packs of additional stickers and whatnot for a couple bucks, but so far I have resisted. Today, my steadfastness was rewarded. All the supply packs are free until the end of November if you link an Adobe account to the app, and I already had one of those for whatever reason. So now, the sauciness of my stickers is going to increase exponentially. I now have dozens of useless filters. You’ve been warned.

People keep asking me if I’m saving tons of money. I’m not. At least none of the money I’m saving is accumulating thus far. These first few months have been about staunching the flow and I think I will start to see better results in the New Year. The amount of money this house costs me is astonishing. Much more on that to come.


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