YHZ-YOW-YYZ Halloween

Halloween is now a somewhat distant memory. We were traveling for the weekend, which means we didn’t have to hand out candy. That was a win for me. It’s against my rules to buy it, technically, and I would have eaten so, so much of it. My son still needed a costume for school, and no amount of bribery was going to dissuade him from his first choice: Godzilla. (Boring, but whatever.)

Last year he wanted to be an Allosaurus, so I had taken a secondhand dragon costume, done some modifications, and he was quite happy with it. It’s pretty easy to turn an Allosaurus into Godzilla as long as you’re willing to make do.


This thing is disgusting to me.

We gave it a once-over with spray fabric paint ($9.98- allowed) and it was his idea to colour in the whites of its eyes with a yellow Sharpie.

wpid-wp-1416342556866.jpeg      wpid-wp-1416343315437.jpeg

The fabric paint did not give me the coverage I was looking for and the nozzle clogged a thousand times and I was NOT going to open the second bottle I’d bought when there was plenty of paint left in the first bottle. That’s how they get you, I suspect. I returned the unopened bottle a couple weeks after Halloween.


He was happy, and that’s all I care about.

I let him wear it on the plane and the crew invited him to trick-or-treat on the flight deck. Pretty nice!


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