Take My Stuff

You know what I get a kick out of? When people seem to be into what I am doing here.

I’ve heard it from a few of you lately. You like reading the blog and you think what I’m doing is alright. Maybe I made you laugh once or twice. Some of you have even shared how you’ve been inspired to take on similar challenges. All of these things are great.  To someone like me, with an ego as big as all outdoors, hearing this stuff is what keeps me trucking.

So I wanted to say cheers, and also to offer some token of my gratitude. What do real bloggers do to reward their readership? They give something away! Maybe you can see where this is going.

Getting rid of stuff is hard, and sometimes we hang on to stuff we really don’t need, even though someone else might want that stuff. Much of my stuff is crap, but some of it is actually pretty nice. I promise I will not try to give you crap.

I bought a red Beantown Quinn  handbag from a Kate Spade New York store a couple of years ago because it was totally me. It still is, except I have only used it about four times.  I used to have a bit of a purse problem, and I am definitely over it now, but for some reason this particular purse perpetually persisted.


It’s made of wool with black patent leather trim. It looks like a pea coat for your wallet. It would look great on you this winter.


It has buttons. It is not a knock-off. I have some of those, but this is not one of them.


This purse cries, “Look in me!” It has one of those iconic Kate Spade linings, and zippered pockets to hold all your stuff. It is so pretty you will want to keep it organized.

(Maybe keep your money and your phone or whatever inside the zippers. Those outside pockets are decidedly for grocery lists and knitting.)

I know. Generous, right? Why would I want to part with something that cost me hundreds of dollars for FREE when I could sell it to a local for several dozens of dollars in cash money? I have three reasons:

1. I’m not going to sell it. It’s too much of a pain.

2. I like it too much to part with it unceremoniously.

3. Though I make do, I don’t actually make OR do anything that’s worth giving away.

Now, the funding drive pitch: If you mostly like what you’re reading, then do like Jay Mohr says and put your name on it. Go to the Facebook page and share a post for me. (Some of you have done this already, and it never fails to give me the warm fuzzies.)

Edit: First, please “like” the Monique Makes Do Facebook page to make sure you get the updates, and if you share the blog, send me a message to let me know. This process is evolving.  

Tag your posts with #makedo (I am really trying to make #makedo happen, you guys) so I won’t miss any. It also helps if you make the posts public. Each share equals one entry, and on December 1st, one lucky winner will be getting this authentic, single-owner, responsibly stored, perfect winter handbag, just in time for all those fancy holiday parties.

(I realize this might be the worst idea I’ve ever had.)


4 thoughts on “Take My Stuff

  1. So, Do the fancy holiday parties come with the bag? I’m going to need those too.

    Also, you didn’t need my freezer stash? Andrew was going to think of some way to prank you when you arrived.


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