I Tried to Dye my Hair with Hibiscus Tea (So You Don’t Have To)

I have really fine hair and it’s naturally a flat, light brown colour. I’ve been having it coloured (mostly lighter) for years. The last time I had my hair cut and coloured was in mid-August, before the start of this experiment.

My hairstylist is great. She is sweet and knowledgeable and she always makes me look like I have way more hair than I do. I have never regretted paying her to do my hair. In fact, paying to have my hair cut or coloured is not even against my rules!

(My hairstylist is also my cousin, which is why I am hoping she won’t get mad if she reads the rest of this.)

I was trying to see how long I could go before shelling out for a cut and foils. And, in the spirit of making do, I have been thinking of other ways to save money that weren’t a part of my initial commitment. I decided I wanted to try and do something to my hair, myself.

Now, I am not allowed to buy any toiletries of any kind, and that includes at-home hair colour. What I am allowed to buy is tea.

I thought it might be fun to try and punch up my red highlights. I have read that hibiscus can do that, so I got a little bit of hibiscus and rosehip loose tea from Bulk Barn.


Here is a “before” picture. I promise I didn’t use filters on either of the hair pics.


I boiled the kettle, and steeped the tea for about 15 minutes.


I put the tea in a spray bottle and soaked my head in it. It did not take much. Maybe a third of that large Mason jar.

I dried my hair without rinsing it, because for some reason people say the heat helps the colour to develop.

Here is the “after” picture. Same lighting as before.


So what do you think? Does it look any redder? I am not sure. It was kind of fun, and it made my hair smell pretty great. I still have a bunch of the tea left so I think I will keep doing it every few days to see if it makes an appreciable difference. More as (and if) it develops.


4 thoughts on “I Tried to Dye my Hair with Hibiscus Tea (So You Don’t Have To)

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