Week 12: Where Has All My Money Gone?


1. I can’t believe I have been doing this for 12 weeks. There are only 40 weeks remaining. A human gestation. That really snaps it back into focus. I am almost one-quarter through, which, when you’re running a marathon is only about mile 6, when it’s still kind of easy, and this has also been kind of easy so far. Right. I’d do well to remind myself what mile 22 feels like lest I get too cocky.

2. With all of this not buying I’m doing, you’d think I’d have a tidy little sum saved up, or at least paid down substantially more debt than I would have otherwise. You would be wrong. It’s tough for me to reconcile just where all this money is going, but given the week I have had, I think I have an idea. I had my old winter tires put on new rims this week: $375. Technically, the rims are against the rules, but I justified it because they were an inevitable expense anyway, and I would have probably had to pay more for them next year, and this way, I can change my own tires in the spring (at least according to Monica). We had a big discussion about it over on the Facebook page, if you’re interested. I also had my car serviced for about $50 this week, and I put $43.50 of gas in it. Cars, man.

3. Household expenses were not insignificant this week either. Pellets ran me about $37. My son and I were both sick, and twice I had to go buy medication on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, so between those costs and the groceries I bought at the same time, I spent $97.82!!! Who am I?!?!? Thankfully, everyone over here is on the mend, so I’m hoping to tamp that down again.

4. I did a very fun, forty-dollars-but-completely-worth-it thing last Saturday. I went to a workshop held by Full Moon Tiny Shelters all about the Tiny House Movement. They are a local company that builds custom tiny houses out of an off-grid workshop in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. There is a solar-powered band saw. I ate wicked dairy-free muffins. I met some cool people and learned a lot about composting toilets. I didn’t take any pictures, but there are lots on their website, and even more in this recent post from the Tiny House Giant Journey blog. It was fantastic.

5. Thanks to everyone who has shared the blog recently. I’m trying hard to keep up with everyone to make sure you all get a fair chance of winning, but it’s hard to track if you aren’t on my Facebook friends list. So, to make sure I have your name, “like” the Facebook page and then leave me a message, just in case. If you want to share a post, you can make it public for me to see and tag it #makedo. Someone is getting this bag. It might as well be you.


3 thoughts on “Week 12: Where Has All My Money Gone?

  1. You went to a workshop about tiny houses!? Awesome! If you’re in to tiny houses (which I assume you are, due to the workshop and all), you might like to read The Big Tiny by Dee Williams about a woman who built her own tiny house.

    And yes, you can totally change your own tires if you have each set of tires on their own rims. Another bonus to learning how to do it yourself is that you can feel all confident about your ability to change a tire on the side of the road, if you need to (same process). Also a good skill to brag about. The upsides are many.

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