Oh, Just Write Something Already

The longer I wait to jump back in, the less I want to. This is classic behaviour.

See, it’s not that I have fallen off or had a bad month what with Christmas and all. It’s actually been great. I feel like I can call it a success, even. It’s been busy. It’s been a little spendier than I would have liked, but it was mainly food and I’ve made my peace with it, mostly.

There are a few gifts I gave out that I couldn’t really write about in advance, and I’ll probably share some of those in an upcoming post.

The primary purpose of this blog was always to keep me accountable, and while I can ask you to trust that my silence is not an indicator of lost interest or project abandonment, this feels more like a tree-falling-in-the-forest situation, and people ought to hear.

So: New year. New resolve. I will write, even if I think it’s uninteresting. Buckle up and prepare to be bored by the minutia of my new normal.



One thought on “Oh, Just Write Something Already

  1. keep posting. can you write about how you keep up with this but yet stay social. ie. going out for drinks or dinner or a movie? not that I go out much… I am just curious. also. can you write a top 10 ways to cut back on spending for dummies (me)


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