I am being tempted and the culprit (predictably) is my hair.

We are 18 weeks deep into this project, my hair and I, which means it’s been 20 weeks since I’ve done anything to it apart from that brief affair with hibiscus tea.

My roots are showing, and some of them are grey, but mostly they are just my boring, flat brown colour. The grey is inevitable. Some of my baby hairs are even coming in grey.

No filter, natch.

That doesn’t bother me. If I were to go grey all over, and it thickened my hair enough, I would welcome it. But now, there are just a few that really stick out because their texture is notably different. I honestly think I am the only one who notices and I am positive I am the only one who cares.

Last Friday, I had my mind fairly made up that I was going to buy some henna and do my hair myself that evening.

“But wait!” you might say. “You’re not allowed to buy that!”

This is true. Rule #6 prohibits purchase of unnecessary personal care products and items. However, I am allowed to pay for services, so technically I could go have my hair done professionally and I wouldn’t be breaking any rules. Henna costs $30 for branded stuff and there are plenty of cheaper choices. Having my hair cut and coloured at the salon would cost a minimum of $100 and to me, it still feels like it should be against the rules. It’s not a necessary expense. I am not photographed regularly.

Since henna is messy, I would probably involve my sister or a friend, and someone suggested that I could have the friend buy the henna, and then pay them for helping me, which is a loophole I hadn’t considered. Still, that seems like a long way to go to get around a rule I could just consciously break, you know?

And now I can’t stop thinking about how much the henna would improve my hair’s look and feel.

Personal Sounding Board Stephanie told me to treat this as a test, the first one I have really had since September. She’s right. I know she is. This is a thing I do when I am unhappy with some aspect of my appearance — I change my hair colour. (Sometimes drastically. I vacillate between dark and red and blonde, and it seems people have definite opinions on which way they prefer me, which is why I’ve been on the blonder side for the last number of years.)

Right now, my hair is bearing additional scrutiny because I’ve spent weeks eating thoughtfully prepared holiday treats, and eating crap on top of those, and drinking really delicious alcoholic beverages, and not drinking water, the result of all of which is of course that I only have two pairs of pants that fit. AND I CAN’T BUY NEW PANTS.

Colouring my hair, however cheaply/ethically I manage it, is still treating the symptom and not the disease. Therefore, I am making myself wait a month (I think), so I can try to incorporate all the healthy behaviours I can to feel better about myself before deciding what to do. Deal?

(I planned for this post to solicit opinions about the whole hair business, and I’m amazed that I just talked myself out of it.)


2 thoughts on “Naturally

  1. I like Stephanie, good advice! In case you don’t think your blog is reaching people, fear not. It has made me rethink many of my own habits and most for the better. In this blog I find the support I need without having to admit I need it. Thanks. And good going you can and will do this you amazing woman you!

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