Compost Soup for the Soul

This is a post I started weeks ago and then things got busy. It’s still a semi-important thing that happened, so here ya go.

Something happened to me today. I think it’s been a few months in the making.

(If you don’t want to read about gross food, stop now.)

A while back, I told you that my chest freezer went kaput, and I lost a bunch of food out of it. It was upsetting. I hate food waste more than I hate a lot of things. Having to throw so much stuff away made me a little sick, and I don’t think it was just the smell. After finding out that the service call to have the freezer looked at would cost about 40% of what I paid for the freezer in the first place, before any repairs, I decided we would try to make do without.

For the most part, it hasn’t been difficult. I had already stopped buying a lot of things in bulk, and losing all that food was a good lesson in maybe not stocking up so much. We still use our fridge freezer, and it seems like enough space for us.

In the first few weeks without the deep freeze, I had some trouble adjusting. I have a bad habit of moving food that is about to go off hastily from the fridge to the freezer, the end result of which is a lot of not-great blended soups. (I call it Compost Soup.)

This month, we’re trying to stretch our food dollars a little farther than usual, and the fridge freezer is steadily getting emptied. I had stuck a bag of Compost Soup up there back in early October, and I decided not to put off eating it any longer. I let it defrost and brought it to work with me today.

Now, I have eaten a lot of Compost Soup over the years. It’s not what I would call a family favourite, but my hatred of food waste typically overrules my palate and I will usually finish it all myself. Wouldn’t want to waste all those veggies, and food is supposed to be fuel anyway, right?

Today was different. I don’t know if it’s because I have gotten used to eating fresher food since we lost the freezer space, or if this particular soup was really that bad, but I just didn’t want it. None of it. I was trying to choke it down and all I kept thinking was that I had about six more servings of soup in that container.

So I let myself let it go. I dumped it. Life’s too short to eat gross food. And it’s too short to spend so much time turning semi-gross food into legitimately gross, inedible food. What was I doing to myself? Why did I deserve this blended punishment?

I don’t, actually.

Since that day, I have made and eaten a pretty good potato-leek blended soup, and it was not gross. Turns out I’m not completely hopeless. Long may I blend.


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