Oh, Hi!

(Why is Monique not blogging anymore? I bet she’s buying stuff. She totally fell off the wagon. Classic Monique.)


Not this time, haters!

I have been at this for seven months, and while I am not (yet) rich or thin or famous, I promise you I have not succumbed to the pressures of consumerism brought on by Australasian vacations or closing Target stores.

That’s right, we passed the halfway mark of this experiment with zero fanfare, because like I’ve previously stated, I find this all a bit boring now! I still think it’s a worthwhile endeavor, it’s just that it’s become so de rigueur for me that there has been little (of note) to report.

This week, admittedly, has been on the spendy side. I had to replace a cracked windshield which cost me my insurance deductible (but no more, so that was lucky), and my dog’s been on meds for his ears for three months now. New cars and old dogs, man.

Aside from those things, which I deem necessary, I have not broken a rule. Except the one about not buying convenience food. I have decided that it’s unsustainable unless I spend all my extra hours in the kitchen, and it turns out I have no extra hours. Still baking that bread, though!

Upcoming: How I’ve come to terms with my remaining stuff; The life-changing magic of throwing stuff out; How I plan to go out with a bang (of fireworks); and (what everyone is really wondering) What’s going on with my hair.


Snapped while on holiday in New Zealand. #makedo


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