Drying Days

All week long, I’ve been putting a load of laundry in the washing machine before leaving for work, and hanging it on the line to dry once I get home. The weather here has been so pleasant (for a change) that it only takes about an hour to dry, even with the sun low in the sky.

Nothing makes me feel quite so productive as doing a bunch of laundry. Back when I lived in a Toronto apartment without a laundry room, I used to love taking a few hours on a Sunday, cramming every piece of fabric I owned into the back of a rental car and trucking it to the laundromat. My favourite one was at Runnymede and Annette, because if was cheap, had free parking, and this one dryer that would run forever on one quarter if you knew how to finesse it right.

Still, I wouldn’t trade my suburban clothesline for those laundromat days of my youth. My power bill jumped by $30 a month this year, so I’m making it an unofficial goal not to use my dryer all summer.

Have you got any other good power-saving tips for me?


2 thoughts on “Drying Days

  1. I once heard of someone who wore her clothes in the shower so she never had to run the washing machine 😉 But that’s a bit extreme. I love you



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