Book Value

Confession time: I have bought some stuff. Well, technically. Or not. I guess it depends on your view.

Since my objective was to decrease the amount of stuff I have by not buying any more of it, I am still clean. The stuff I bought, while costing me cash money, is not taking up any space in my house.

It’s eBooks.

I joined a book club last summer, and I did pretty well at first. I managed to not buy any of the books we were reading until after Christmas. I had some already, and I got lucky getting the others through the library. Then, I was getting ready to go on holiday and I didn’t want to drag extra stuff with me, so I figured, what the hell. I have a Kindle that I really love. I am not a person who keeps a lot of books, anyway. I love the library, but waitlists can be lengthy and I’m on a schedule.

I don’t really think of buying eBooks as a rule break, but I can see how it might be considered cheating, so I thought I’d better cop to it, especially because I just bought May’s and June’s selections on my Kindle last night. I have spent maybe $100 on eBooks in the last eight months. I still think that’s pretty good.

What’s your take? Am I a dirty rotten cheater?


2 thoughts on “Book Value

  1. Depending on how Kindle DRM works, you might have just rented the rights to read the book, rather than actually owning it. So it could fall under paying for a service? But that’s a stretch 😛 ultimately your challenge though.

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