Week 2.2: (Still) Summertime and the Spendin’ is Easy

This has been a crazy week, mainly because two of the people closest to me had a baby (each) within three days of each other. That was really nice of them. It saved me gas and parking meter change!

Groceries: $37.45 this week. Cheese was on sale. We also got rained out of an outdoor movie, so we made it an at-home movie, which meant buying our own family-sized concessions.

Monique:  Zero. (See: last week.) Actually, I used some of my son’s envelope to buy a specific calculator that I was told I needed for a Stats class I am taking, but it turns out I may not need this particular model and one I already had might suffice. I will know for sure tomorrow. It’s still sealed and I’ll return it if I can.

The Kid: $43.73. A trip to Staples to get the aforementioned calculator, and I decided to get a couple things from next year’s school supply list that were on sale. I don’t think the lists for each grade level change much from year to year. His first two years of school, I sent a cheque for the supplies: $30 for Primary (Kindergarten) and $35 for Grade One. Next year, I am on my own. It follows that supplies for Grade Two should cost me around $40. I’m shooting for $20, pre-tax. I’ll let you know how I fare. I also took him out for lunch after he got his hair cut.

The Dog: Zero! Thank goodness. Although he is going to need food before the month’s end, so that will have to come out of the grocery budget, or elsewhere.

Savings/Goals: This year’s rules require that I use extra cash, and not regular income, for any gift purchases. This week, I sold an old text book for $80, so I’m happy to report that we will probably have Christmas this year.


I promise I didn’t buy this PSL.

This week’s takeaway: Don’t highlight your textbooks and your kid might get that Lego Advent Calendar he’s got his eye on.


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