Week 2.4: Red is a Fall Colour, Right?

I have been so busy this month that last weekend, when my son had a few suggestions for fun stuff we could do together, I threw making do to the wind and we did it all. We can’t do that every weekend, but it was nice!

Groceries: I spent $44.82 this week. Some of that was health food-type stuff that I buy rarely, but I’m trying to eat better after a summer of gluttony. This leaves me with -$46.51 in my envelope. Bad form.

Monique: $51.16 (!!!) spent this week. Two key mistakes were made: I looked around the Sally Ann when I already knew they didn’t have the specific thing I needed, and I took my kid to the movies. I ended up buying myself two very decent pairs of sneakers for about $16, which I think is actually fine, considering I have bought no shoes in well over a year. But man, movie tickets are a racket. And the snacks are worse. I should not buy movie snacks ever, but I go so rarely these days that I treat it like an Event. I ended the week $60.35 in the red.

The Kid: $43.80 spent, mostly on our movie date and a book order from school. I also got a huge box of school supplies from the Sally Ann for $1.99 so his list for next year is basically done. This week is a good argument for building up a cushion in each of these envelopes, because who am I to pass up a deal that good? His envelope is now overdrawn by $47.04.

The Dog: Nothing! I expect this to change in short order.

Savings/Goals: I have not made much progress. I am, however, spending the cash I’ve set aside for Christmas gifts, wisely I think. I am trying very, very hard to rein myself in this year. Just because I’m allowed to buy stuff doesn’t mean we need the stuff.


This week’s takeaway: I may not remember how to ride a bike, but I sure remember how to shop.


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