Stuff I Can’t Wait to Buy

Occasionally, I think of stuff that I would like to buy once this experiment is over. I would hate to forget about any of it, so I am keeping track of it here.

1. I want to replace most of my chonies with these.

2. I would like some new short leather lace-up boots. I don’t think I can squeeze another year out of the ones I have now.

3. One of these convertible dresses, but I’m told they are fairly easy to make. Stay tuned. I am basically over this now.

4. A new pair of jeans.

5. Paint for my entire house.


3 thoughts on “Stuff I Can’t Wait to Buy

  1. I like the idea of those undies however looking at them all I think of is yeast infections but I love the dress idea, and yes they are easy to make but not worth the bother, for me anyway.


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