The Rules: Year Two

1. Track all spending.

2. Set and stick to a monthly envelope-style budget for all necessary and discretionary expenses.

3. Food and other necessary consumables are not limited but must stay under budget.

4. A predetermined personal monthly allowance can be used to purchase discretionary items or services.

5. Discretionary items and services include clothing, shoes, tickets to stuff, all book/media formats, crafty supplies, haircuts, stuff for the house, and all food that is not home-prepared.

6. Purchase no toiletries of any kind, unless I happen to run completely out of something I need. (I still have enough of these to go at least another year.)

7. Clothing purchases must pass the Dollar-per-Wear Test. Thrift shopping is encouraged.

8. Gifts may only be purchased with extra cash earned, and not from regular income.

9. Loyalty rewards and gift cards are not money, and thus may be used without restriction.

10. Keep credit card balances at zero and add nothing to existing debt.

2 thoughts on “The Rules: Year Two

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