The Rules: Year One

These were my rules for the first year of Monique Makes Do, 01 September 2014 through 31 August 2015. Check out the blog to find out how I fared!

1. Buy nothing.

2. Well, I have to buy food.

3. But not convenience food.

4. And toilet paper. I have to buy that.

5. Consumables, in general, are allowed.

6. But no toiletries of any kind. I have enough of those already.

7. Paying for services is not prohibited, but should be limited.

8. One carefully chosen, store-bought Christmas gift for my son allowed. No price cap.

9. Raw materials for making clothing and gifts are not limited, but must be used within one month of purchase.

10. Buy nothing else.


10 thoughts on “The Rules: Year One

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